1. At first glance, the recommendation makes sense
    Alcohol does bad things to fetuses. But there's already tons of warnings against drinking while pregnant.
  2. Why should ALL young women not on birth control avoid alcohol?
    Are they under the assumption that all young women are having sex? What about women who have sex with women? What about asexual women? What about women who aren't having any sex?
  3. Also, why is the onus on women?
    Last time I checked, it takes a penis and a vagina to make a baby, aside from artificial insemination. Is it SOLELY the woman's "fault" for getting pregnant?
  4. I get what they're trying to say, but the implications are ENDLESS.
    What about women who don't have access to affordable birth control? What about women who want a drink and aren't currently on birth control?
  5. All I'm saying is that while this recommendation did not intend to blame women solely for unintended pregnancies, it really looks like it.
    I get it. Alcohol + pregnancy = bad. I'm not sure why the alcohol warning labels aren't enough.
  6. Furthermore, if they want women not on birth control to not drink, they should make women's health resources more widely available.
    Affordable birth control, access to family planning and planned parenthood, better sex education, access to safe and legal abortions, etc. If they're going to make such a blanket statement, they should at least try to help with other resources.