Inspired by @ListPrompts. I described two of my first kisses because I refuse to let the first one count as my first kiss.
  1. So technically speaking, my first kiss happened senior year of high school
  2. This one girl was dared to kiss everybody in the room
    I was hosting the cast party after our school and the drama nerds go HAM jk it was a bunch of geeks taking shots of Burnett's
  3. That was technically my first kiss
    And it was with a girl. It wasn't that bad, though I still remained at around a 1 on the Kinsey scale. But it doesn't count because it was a dare/because I said so.
  4. But my actual first kiss was freshman year of college
  5. It was my first college party and I was HAMMERED
  6. And I accidentally started flirting with a pre-med student from UCONN
    I was waving to a friend and he took that as a come on???? IDK I DONT GET BOYS
  7. Anyways he started kissing me and it was weird
  8. No sparks, weird amount of teeth
  9. To make him stop, I told him it was my first kiss
    I was still pretty drunk, but it was difficult to tell him to stop. Oh, consent.
  10. And he RAN FOR THE HILLS
    Aka the other side of the room. I was so proud of myself
  11. Anyways if you haven't had your first kiss, don't sweat. Mine wasn't anything special. It took me a while to even remember how it happened.
    I mean, I was drunk. But still. No big.