Inspired by @ListPrompts.
  1. Okay so I have three moments to share
    They're ordered from least to most embarrassing
  2. Lin-Manuel Miranda retweeted me/liked my tweets
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    This has actually happened on multiple occasions. He's pretty active on Twitter, so it's a semi-special thing I guess, but I WILL TAKE WHAT I GET.
  3. Neda Ulaby interviewed me after a screening of The Fault In Our Stars
    I was invited to a screening and completely unaware I was sitting next to an NPR reporter. Anyway, I sobbed through the whole movie, and right as the credits rolled and a sad Ed Sheeran song came on, she asked to interview me. I was incoherent and couldn't figure out how to speak proper English. It's truly a gem, if you ever find it.
  4. I fist-pumped a la Jersey Shore on American Idol
    Yup. I actually auditioned for it during summer 2010. Obviously, I didn't make it, but I was on TV for two seconds! I had on mirrored aviators and a pink tank top, and you can see my mom in the background. I'm not even going to try to find the clip because embarrassment 🙈