(...possibly for now but let's not talk about my grad school prospects)
  1. Today was it. My last first day of school.
    Sure, I reveled in it when I was a senior in high school. But there is a possibility of never going to school ever again, which makes me sad.
  2. Like most of my fellow senior friends, it felt bittersweet
    Don't get me wrong: I love legally buying alcohol and the ability to bullshit an APA lab report in three hours and still get a decent grade. But I also love school.
  3. (I am one of those people who like learning and classes for the most part)
    Aka one of the strongest arguments for sorting me into Ravenclaw, but I'm more of a Hermione.
  4. I only had one class...
  5. At 8:30am
    Because I am a masochist!
  6. I actually love this professor
    He loves Hamilton! He is a feminist! He loves half of my favorite TV shows! He reminds me so much of my brother, except he curses and is actually funny (sorry, Joey).
  7. The last class I took with him was Multicultural Issues
    That's right. My lovely yet semi-conservative Catholic-Jesuit school has a class on multicultural issues (I mean, they're more Pope Francis than Pope Benedict, if you catch my drift). It was the most enlightening, interactive, and fun class I've ever taken in my entire life. Apparently, my class was also the best class he'd ever had ("the gold standard" in his words). Sadly, he won't be teaching anymore, as he's decided to finally finish grad school and do his internship.
  8. This class is called Men and Masculinities
    "We will discuss the prison that is masculinity!"
  9. We spent the whole class discussing Justin Bieber, Netflix shows, and the syllabus, of course
  10. It was the most chill first class
  11. And then it was over
  12. My last first day of school
    It was pretty great. I mean, it was just one class, which is inherently great, but it was a good first day.