I graduated in May and have been doing...things. No full-time job quite yet. Moved back home. Lowkey depressed. But otherwise, post-grad life has been tons of fun!
  1. Pre-grad life: half-heartedly looked for a job because I was more focused on not failing my classes.
    I applied for about five jobs, which doesn't seem like a lot, but finding a research job that matches your interests is harder than previously thought.
  2. Pre-grad life part 2: spent a semester pissed at myself for not applying to grad school.
    This led to enrolling in therapy sessions! Thank god therapy is free in college. It helped a lot, but alas...
  3. Graduation day: not employed, no future plans, just...nothing.
  4. June: got a part-time job as an assistant for my next-door neighbor.
    My main responsibilities were figuring out how to use her credit card points and organizing tons and tons and tons of emails.
  5. June part 2: BEYONCÉ!!!
    It wasn't a great view, BUT STILL. BEYONCÉ.
  6. June part 3: went on vacation to Anaheim!
    I volunteered at vidcon and went to Disneyland for the first time ever. It was awesome.
  7. June-July: grandfather died.
    He'd been sick for a while, so we knew it was coming. Still, this was a sad time for my family. My family from all around the country visited and stayed at my house, which was pretty fun. I found out about this game called Exploding Kittens, which is a great substitute if you don't have Cards Against Humanity. I bonded with my cousins and gained 12 lbs from the nightly parties.
  8. July part 2: more work as an assistant
    It actually got more interesting! I did some event planning for an organization that supports Middle East peace. Genuinely enjoyable work.
  9. July part 3: had fun?
    I saw She Loves Me on Broadway, which was a religious experience. Seriously. Laura Benanti's pipes tho. Also I got this super cute pic! The next week, I drove to Philly with my cousin to see the shitshow that the DNC brought to town. There were protests and signs about Harambe. It was something lol.
  10. July part 4: moved out of my apartment in the Bronx
    Lots of sweating and utilization of muscles I never use.
  11. August: even MORE work as an assistant!
    I had about thirty tabs on chrome open, every day, on potential jobs to apply to. I could never bring myself to apply to them, thanks to anxiety and depression. I'd love to extrapolate, but it's kinda difficult to talk about.
  12. August part 2: wallowing.
    Lots and lots of wallowing. I did lose half of the weight I gained from funeral sadness. But yeah. Wallowing.
  13. September: Broadway!
    I watched Les Miz, HAMILTON, and Waitress, all of which were incredible.
  14. Static
    In the room!
  15. Static
    The theater smelled like pie too.
  16. September part 2: interview!
    FINALLY I interviewed for a research position, which I ultimately didn't get. But it's okay! It was good experience, especially in gathering some references.
  17. September part 3: BEYONCÉ PART TWO
  18. Aside: I've been saving a lot of money for the past five years and decided to treat myself to all of these shows.
    Yes, I spent my own money. Yes, I could've saved more money by not having these incredible experiences. And yet, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'd probably be in some deeper depression if I didn't have some fun these past few months.
  19. October: I applied for a job at my old school and kinda got it?
    It's a part-time after school teaching job. I've always wanted to be a teacher, but convinced myself that I was destined for bigger, better things. However, I realize that I wanted this job more than I wanted the September research job. And teaching is an admirable job. Most of my heroes are teachers. Anyway, the position was filled by a teacher who already worked there, but I'm nearly a substitute teacher for the elementary school and after school problem (just sent out the background check!)
  20. What was left out: the exorbitant amount of television I watch.
    This was more of an every day event. I have watched every Grey's episode in order for the third time in the past two years lol. I keep up with around 16 shows this tv season. I watched a shit ton of tv in college, so it's not exactly new. But yeah. I probably watch too much tv.
  21. What was left out part 2: me?
    Let's just say that I realized some things about myself while watching season 3 of Carmilla. I've always known that I wasn't 100% straight, and when I told my brother that, it felt right. I haven't really told anyone else and that's okay. So...yeah! I'm bi!
  22. In conclusion, I'm still not a real adult, but it's okay.
    They say college is where you find yourself, which is kinda true but kinda false. I still don't know if I want to go to grad school for clinical psychology. Maybe something else. I'm not sure. And that's okay. I'm okay. Sure, still trying to handle my social anxiety and depression, but it's okay. Everything's okay.