I am on episode 4 of Master of None and it is SO GOOD. (Updated!)
  1. Aziz is the best.
    I love his standup. I remember crying at his Modern Romance tour because I was laughing so hard. I already knew I'd like it, from the good reviews, and Master of None surely met my expectations.
  2. Dev's friends aren't annoying!
    So he plays a guy named Dev and has a diverse group of friends. (An Asian first gen! A black lesbian! A fat white guy!) It's always great to see a realistic group of friends that aren't all white. Plus, they're hilarious. I love Brian so much. He's like the older, guy version of myself.
  3. The second episode on the immigrant parents made me cry, laugh, and then cry again.
    Oh god don't get me started. To preface, I am the child of immigrants, and actually cried about this earlier today. So Dev and Brian's parents have sacrificed so much to live in the States, and they feel a little unappreciated by their children. Today, I realized that I am so fucking entitled and a piece of shit compared to my valedictorian mother. So this was incredibly relatable.
    Bob's Burgers is so good, so when I heard H Jon Benjamin's voice, I was like, "ohhhh shit ITS BOB". So yeah. Just had to include that point.
  5. I plan to use this on everyone I know.
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    No description necessary. You just gotta watch.
  6. Great takes on casual racism.
    Knowing Aziz's standup, I knew that a take on casual racism would happen. This is the kind of racism from people who aren't overtly racist, but rather not understand that what they're saying is hurtful. It's basically the racism that every PoC experiences every day of their life. I don't want to ruin the plot, but let's just say that the first minute has a lot of Indian stereotypes.
  7. Just watch the show.
    It's so goddamn good. I can't really explain how I feel about the show because I'm still watching it, but hopefully I shall update this as time goes by.
  8. Update 1: the cinematography
    HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE KEY ASPECT OF THE SHOW? It's so aesthetically pleasing and borderline cinematic, yet subtle. Ever since watching Birdman, I feel that I need to look at the cinematography of film and tv more closely. The camera work on this show, though. Perfect.
  9. Update 2: perfect ending
    What a way to end a near perfect first season. I knew the writers didn't take the easy way out in the ending, so I wasn't surprised. I was satisfied, happy, excited for more episodes. That's how I always want to feel about good tv.
  10. Update 3: the romance
    Realistic. Funny. Not forced. "Mornings" was damn good. I really love how it played out.
  11. Update 4: feminism y'all
    I love how Aziz incorporated feminism into show, weaving it with his own societal disadvantages from being a PoC. Plus, it was done in a hilarious way. I love a good vaccination joke. Actually, the other great vaccination joke was on The Mindy Project. God. The continent of Asia surely produces some fucking amazing show runners.