Here are some of my hilariously cringe senior portraits. (Not completely sure if sharing the proofs are legal, but it's not like I'm gaining money from sharing so...)
  1. Awk
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    This actually isn't that bad, but there's something off with my face.
  2. So awk
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    This is my favorite background. I've dubbed it, "Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland".
  3. AWK
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    The robe was SO BIG. Is this how Ruth Bader Ginsburg feels like, minus having to deal with fools like Alito and Scalia (who just happens to be her bff apparently?????)? I didn't have to wear one for my high school graduation, but I hope my college graduation robe isn't this bulky.
  4. LOL
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    "Me, before killing my ex-husband in his sleep" is how I would title this picture.