An update on my life, just in case you're interested in it.
  1. I've been absent from ListApp for a little bit, and I thought it's time to open up.
    Begrudgingly, of course.
  2. I have social anxiety and suffer from panic attacks from time to time.
    This isn't anything new. My first panic attack happened senior year of high school during the State Finals for tennis. Great timing.
  3. I know I've had that problem for nearly four years.
  4. But something has changed.
  5. My mental health state has slowly but surely declined last semester.
    Coincidentally, I am yet again a senior, this time in college.
  6. I have an inkling of what's going on, as I am a psych major and got an A in abnormal psych.
    I also think it's similar to what made the spring semester of my freshman year so horrible.
  7. However, I don't want to disclose it until I have it confirmed by a psychologist.
    Thankfully, my college offers free, short-term therapy, which I could desperately use right now.
  8. So I'm going back into therapy!
    This reads more exciting than I intended.
  9. I think it's about time I go back. I'm not sure what's been holding me back, especially since my almost-psychologist big brother told me to go back into therapy.
    The real mvp.
  10. I've always been upfront with my problems on here, so I figured to keep that up with this.
  11. I'm not qualified to give this advice, especially since I'm going through my own shit, but please seek help if you're suffering mental health issues.
    There are many resources online if you don't have enough money for a therapist. Also, many big universities offer reduced-fee psych services, so please take advantage of those if you need help.
  12. We're in this weird but cool time in the universe where it's okay to talk about mental health problems. It's time to treat them like real illnesses. So I hope this helps you in one way or another.