I won tickets to last night's performance of Spring Awakening through their lottery (hello, $35 front row tickets), and it was truly like nothing else I've seen before. This show's closing in a few weeks, and if you're in New York, see this NOW.
  1. Confession: I got these tickets mainly because I didn't get Hamilton tickets.
    I'm not saying this was a consolation prize! The two theaters are a block away, so I figured I might as well try my luck at the lottery. It was freezing cold, so I had to illegibly write my name down. The person who picked the ticket struggled to read my name, but at least I knew that the piece of paper with the shitty handwriting was mine!
  2. Backstory: there are deaf and hearing actors in the production
    Since there are deaf actors, there are more people in the cast because of the deaf actors' voices. It was not a problem. If anything, it adds a new dimension to the story.
  3. I only knew a tiny bit about it
    I mean, I knew of it because Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele. Also, I've listened to a few songs and probably read a synopsis at one point in my life, but that's about it.
  4. The stage setting is so intimate, but they still manage to create space on a small stage
    I was in the front row, and my leg was literally touching the base of the stage. It was hella intimate from my perspective. But they used moving staircases and ladders to create space
  5. The music is beautiful
    I already knew this going in, but I think the ASL translation/integration took it up a notch. I found myself crying during Touch Me because it was so beautiful. The choreography, the harmonies: SO MANY CHILLS.
  6. It makes sense to have it in English and ASL and to have deaf actors
    The story is the difficulty of parents communicating with their children. Now add in deafness. It's also utilized in the school setting. Moritz is played by a deaf actor, and a hearing actor sings and talks for him. However, there are a few scenes where they capitalize on his deafness. It's really, for lack of a better term, clever.
  7. The voices of the deaf actors take on their own roles
    Many of the voices for the deaf actors/characters also play instruments as part of the band. They also act as the characters' inner thoughts. In the first scene, Wendla nearly gives up asking her mom about where babies come from, but her voice actress convinces her to keep trying. It's subtle, as it's just a look between the two Wendlas. But it makes sense. It also gets pretty funny during some parts, but I don't want to spoil them either.
  8. I really want to write more, but I feel like it's better seen than read
    Book a plane/train/bus to New York stat. Try for the lottery. Buy a ticket. It's worth it.
  9. Also, there's a HILARIOUS reference to A Chorus Line during Totally Fucked
    YOU gotta watch it. Idk if they change it up, and I'm pretty sure I was the only person cackling at that gag. I LIVE for A Chorus Line.