Just in case anyone I know wants to get me a kickass gift
  1. A big bar of dark chocolate
    Like the biggest bar.
  2. Hamilton tickets
    Preferably a show before September 2016, when I actually get to watch the show
  3. BB-8
    I love Target, but $80 for a itty bitty BB-8??? I am a college student.
  4. Donald Trump sent to Mars
    It's worth a shot.
  5. A lifetime supply of almond milk
    Almond milk is love, almond milk is life. I go through multiple cartons a week.
  6. Stress-free spring semester
    Seriously though. This has been THE MOST stressful semester of college thus far. All I want is for my last semester to be smooth-sailing and mental breakdown-free.
  7. A job
    If anyone's looking for a project coordinator/research assistant for a psychology lab and willing to pay a ~somewhat~ livable wage, I AM YOUR GAL. But seriously. I will send my résumé to anyone who has an open position! I just want to be employed after college!
  8. More chocolate
    Yes. More chocolate.
  9. An on-call therapist
    I mean, who wouldn't want one?
  10. A solid nine hours of sleep
    I literally cannot remember the last time I had that much sleep. (Edit: I just looked at my sleep app and it said June 16th. Damn.)