1. Phillipa Soo
    Hello you are my hero because I'm half Chinese just like you, and the fact that I actually look like someone in a musical about the American Revolution is AMAZING. Also you have great hair. And your voice reminds me of my mother's and that makes me want to cry when I haven't seen her in a while.
  2. Leslie Odom Jr.
    Thanks for signing my CD, AARON BURR, SIR. (I'm actually really glad I didn't say that, but I did stand there like an idiot.)
  3. Lin-Manuel Miranda
    You're my hero, ever since we did some choreography to the finale of In The Heights. Also, thank you for casting POC in Hamilton.
  4. Jonathan Groff
    (Literally anything other than what I actually said, which is in my next list)
  5. I'd add more, but I have very little recollection of what happened after I met Jonathan Groff.