I love @mindy and I love The Mindy Project. This season might be my favorite one yet.
  1. Mindy is hella good at her job!
    The "Bad Girls" sequence was great and reminded me that Mindy Lahiri is, in fact, a competent human being.
  2. I'm starting to dislike Danny, but it has always been a part of his character to assert his dominance over others, especially Mindy.
    His bad qualities show that he's flawed and human. Which is good.
  3. It reminds me of those "after 'ever after'" type of stories.
    Romantic comedies tend to not overly dwell on people's bad qualities. If they do, they're fixed by the end of the movie. Danny hates commitment, but now he's all in. However, he also wants more kids, which Mindy doesn't want just yet. Life isn't as simple as a romantic comedy.
  4. I mean, there's still romance and chemistry.
    That carriage ride tho. Bad intentions, but still hella cute.
  5. Mindy is a feminist without having to say the word.
    There's nothing wrong with identifying as a feminist. In fact, I think it's better to use the word rather than step away from it. But its use in daily life doesn't have to be so overt. Mindy's qualms about wanting to work and be a mother is a v feminist argument without trying hard to be. It's so seamlessly realistic. This is the type of portrayal of feminism in media I came to watch.
  6. (Side note: JESSICA JONES THO.)
  7. Anyway, The Mindy Project subverts the romantic comedy into something realistic and more dramatic, still keeping the great comedy intact.
    This show is so good. It has gotten so good this season. I do wonder what will happen to Danny and Mindy, but to quote my other fave show, Girl Meets World, "people change people." Danny and Mindy have changed each other. So...what happens next?