From Mozart to Hogwarts. I think we were learning about schedules of reinforcement. Eh it's all good the slides are on blackboard #collegelife
  1. Burr = Salieri
    I watched half of Amadeus before I conked out and still haven't bothered finishing it. HOWEVER, I do remember the first scene. Aaron Burr is totally Salieri, which means...
  2. Hamilton = Mozart
    It makes sense tho! They both die young, are incredibly well accomplished, and write like they're running out of time.
  3. I do not feel sleep deprived!
    I got a cool eight hours of sleep. Generally unheard of for a college student. It was a great morning.
  4. Oh shit I have a midterm due tomorrow
    My take home midterm was actually supposed to be due yesterday, but my professor moved the date. Of course, I still have yet to finish it. Or start it.
  5. Oh no I still have to study for the GRE
    I really need to straighten up my priorities.
  6. Oh dear lord what am I doing after college
    Apparently, I go from one to quarter-life crisis in two minutes.
  7. Hmmm I wonder what Hogwarts house Hamilton would be in
    I was thinking Ravenclaw, but he'd probably get sorted into Slytherin.
  8. George Washington is clearly a Gryffindor
    He's the epitome of a Gryffindor.
  9. Aaron Burr is a Slytherin
    Once again, this is not necessarily a bad thing. He probably would have an inter-House rivalry with Hamilton. It'd be cute and adorable, until they decided to duel and expelliarmus did not work in Hamilton's favor. Poor Burr would be nearly driven to madness in Azkaban, but he'd eventually be pardoned.
  10. Lafayette = Hufflepuff
    No doubt. Hard worker, great at finding funds to get more guns and ships.
  11. Hercules Mulligan = Gryffindor
    He spied on the British! Ultimate act of bravery.
  12. Laurens = Gryffindor
  13. Jefferson = Ravenclaw
    This is pretty obvious. He wrote the freaking Declaration of Independence! This is such a Ravenclaw quality. (Aside: you could also argue that Hamilton writing most of the Federalist Papers would qualify him as a Ravenclaw, but I don't think that knowledge was what he valued the most)
  14. And class is over.
    My tuition dollars at work.