I am Pinoy and proud, so I thought I'd share my personal favorite Filipino dishes usually served at parties. This is the food I grew up with, as we had monthly parties with my ENTIRE family on my mom's side. So here's some deliciousness for your day.
  1. Adobo
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    Fantastic dish. I prefer my adobo sweeter with a hint of vinegar, but as long as my mom makes it, it'll always taste amazing. I also have no preference with meat, but chicken and pork are my faves.
  2. Pancit
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    I love all kinds of pancit, but the pancit pictured is probably my favorite. It's called pancit palabok, and it is amazing. I used to hate the smell of it, but I grew to love it.
  3. Pork Afritada
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    Now, this would be number one if we didn't have it at every party. It's so good, with the tomato flavor and the perfectly mushy potatoes and tender carrots. It's my go to at parties, in case there's an abundance of American food. Sorry, America, but the Filipinos beat y'all in the food game.
  4. Lumpia Shanghai
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    (Sometimes spelled "lumpiang shanghai".) Okay, lumpia is the crowd pleaser. It is the one thing that will always go first at a Filipino party. It's basically an "egg roll" but SO MUCH BETTER. There isn't a ton of filling, so you can still eat more food, but it's still a piece of heaven rolled up in a beautiful package. It's also pretty easy to make (and fuck up), so I highly suggest non-Filipinos to try making this dish. (Pictured is my own personal batch for my multicultural issues class)
  5. Sinigang
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    SINIGANG IS PROOF THAT GOD EXIST, IMO. But seriously. Sinigang is utter perfection. It is number one in my book of all the foods that have entered my mouth in my 21 years on earth. Sinigang is a tamarind-based soup and quintessentially Filipino. It's sour. It has meat (preferably pork). There is daikon, aka radish that soaks up the broth perfectly to create little bites of heaven. This is the one Filipino recipe I can make by memory and have never fucked up. Thank god for sinigang.