From least to most amount of tears
  1. Satisfied
    When I first heard this song, I thought, "holy shit no wait why can't everyone be happy no no no"
  2. The World Was Wide Enough
    Though Hamilton is (spoiler) dying in this song, I didn't cry the most during this song. I do ugly cry through four consecutive songs in Act II. It is very moving in how Lin-Manuel paces the a cappella rapping part of the song.
  3. Wait For It
    Leslie Odom Jr. makes me cry.
  4. Dear Theodosia
    See above. Plus, it's even sadder when you think about Philip's fate. (Edit: someone pointed out that Theodosia is lost at sea during the War of 1812 😶 jesus fucking christ this song just got even more depressing DON'T LOOK AT ME)
  5. That Would Be Enough
    Phillipa Soo makes me cry the most though. Just listen to how she sings in this song and how it fits in with her storyline.
  6. Burn
    This song is ol' reliable in the tears department. The pain. THE PAIN. Also, we've reached the part of the musical that makes me bawl.
  7. Blow Us All Away
    This starts off happy, but right at the end is the kicker. Also, when listening to it after repeat listens of the album, it's even more sad.
  8. Stay Alive (Reprise)
    JESUS CHRIST LIN-MANUEL WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME??? I did not know I had so many tears.
  9. It's Quiet Uptown
    And yet somehow, I still have tears for this song. The simple piano at the beginning, the way the emotion is delivered: UGH I NEED TISSUES
  10. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
    I must say, Phillipa Soo ONCE AGAIN brings me to tears. The pain in Eliza's voice is so fucking palpable. I live for finales. I'm sure it'll be Les Miz-level of tears and emotions when I see it live.
  11. Bonus: Alexander Hamilton
    I do cry during this song, but mostly because it's so perfect. Perfection brings me to tears, and this song is the epitome of perfection.