Requested by @aus10
in which I am clearly not a fashion expert
  1. Basically I want to wear a pink version of Lupita's flawless dress because I want to be a princess too
    Actual Disney Princess Lupita's Nyong'o
  2. And because no one could see my feet, these would be my shoes
    I am pro-wedges. No way in hell am I wearing real heels. I hate stilettos and pumps so much. Bad memories aka spraining my ankle in four-inch heels have ruined any heels higher than two inches for me. Wedges and booties are cool tho because you don't have to support your entire body weight on two toothpicks.
  3. Jennifer Lawrence's bodyguard
    This has nothing to do with fashion, but I would like one of Jennifer Lawrence's hot bodyguards to accompany and guard me. If you haven't ever googled "Jennifer Lawrence bodyguard", get on it.
  4. In summary, I am not creative and hate wearing high heels with a passion. I also am a fan of attractive men.