Inspired by @ListPrompts. This could've been much much longer, but I decided to stick to my own, ~model minority~ experiences.
  1. Fully knowing you got good grades on your merits
    I spent half of high school wondering if the good grades I received on essays I spent a few hours writing were because they were actually good. I'll be honest: I wasn't always the best student. But I've received A's and B+'s on papers with many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. At this point in my life, I'm pretty sure I've earned my grades, but I'll always wonder if I really deserve my grades.
  2. Not getting called "exotic"
  3. People assume you speak English
    I cannot tell you the amount of times someone has asked me, very slowly, "do you speak English?"
  4. People don't assume you're academically successful because of your race
    People were always so surprised that I didn't get highest honors/wasn't on the dean's list.
  5. You're not expected to marry within your race
    The day I bring a non-Asian home will be the day my mom disowns me. Kidding! Okay half-kidding because you should see how she treats my brother's intelligent, kind, white girlfriend.
  6. Racial microaggressions aren't really a thing?
  7. You will always see yourself represented on every major television network
  8. Or in most award shows
  9. You aren't expected to enter a STEM field due to your race
    My mom nearly cried when I told her I wanted to major in sociology (I chose psychology lol at least I'm getting a B.S.)
  10. The majority of your college peers will be your race
  11. There's a whole lot more that I cannot relate to due to the whole model minority thing, but that's another post
  12. But most of all...
  13. Any disadvantage you experience is not due to your race