Requested by Adina

7 things I think before I post a beauty tutorial to YouTube

(Requested by the lovely @ponyup)
  1. What makes my video unique / original?
    There are 371,689 smoky eye tutorials out there. How is mine different? What helpful tips can I offer to make this approach easy for beginners and fresh for experts?
  2. Did I acknowledge my audience as ladies / girls / women?
    Yes? Ok cut that shit out. Makeup is for errbody.
  3. Did I produce this video at the highest quality my skill set can currently take me?
    If it's not well lit, if there are pops in the audio, if my cuts are sloppy, if a screenshot has uneven border-widths, it's not going up. Strive for pixel perfection.
  4. Is this boring?
  5. Would I like me or the way I present myself in this video if I were watching as someone else?
    You can't please everyone but I do try to not be obnoxious haha.
  6. Would someone who is not interested in makeup enjoy this?
    Always include at least 2-3 funny cutaways and good bloopers.
  7. Did I make this video for ME?
    I get many requests for videos I wouldn't personally do. Sorry, but 5-minute face is not my lifestyle so I can't do that video for you — it wouldn't be genuine. I take the extra time in the morning to challenge myself and achieve the look I want. 20-minute face? Sure!