Whenever a new thought sprouts in my head, I make a website for it. Or a video. Or write a dumb poem. I love creating shit for no real reason. Hold an intervention for me please, I have a problem. Till then, here are other project ideas I've come up with over the years that have a 1% chance or higher of seeing the light of day.
  1. Couple's blog on random shit
    Where Jase and I rank our favourite Bond movies, argue about the artistic merit of the Genesis song "I Can't Dance", and interview the creators of niche parody accounts like Therrien's Temper (@AngryMichel).
  2. Jello Shots — My photography side-business
    Name suggestion from a friend after he found out one of my deeper, darker nicknames is Jello.
  3. Pingu podcast
    Watch episodes with friends as we discuss themes, lessons learned, and general observations about the stop-motion claymation global television hit series Pingu.