Some of my Karaoke faves. If these don't get me a four-chair turn, I don't know what will! As for my coach, I choooooooooooooooooooooose... {dramatic commercial break} I chooooooooooooooooooose... Christina! Because I would sell my soul to learn how to growl.
  1. Roxanne
    Sample: "You.don' {band pauses as I belt the following words} sEELLLLLLL your bodyyy to the niii-iii-iiighht — <growl>Roxxxxxx</growl>aa-ahh-haa-aa-haa-aanne..."
  2. Goldfinger
    Best Bond song of all damn time. Probably the song I can sing the strongest right now.
  3. Five To One
    My favourite song by The Doors. Underrated but gets the crowd going.
  4. Seven Nation Army
    The Post-Modern Jukebox Version featuring Haley Reinhart.
  5. *** That's it for tonight! Come back next week for songs I'd sing in the battle rounds, the live playoffs, and the finale! ***
    Doing your job for you, Carson.