☝🏼️just wanted to make it clear that it's not actually my place to say anything but I'm doing it anyway
  1. I'm lucky enough to have a very nice prime minister.
    Even if you're not liberal, you MUST admit that he's a nice person. (And no, I don't like him because he's pretty. That's an added bonus)
  2. So now I should have nothing to complain about really...
  3. But I do not like Hillary Clinton.
  4. I get it, a lot of you love her. Hooray feminism or whatever
  5. But if you're going to have your first female president...
  6. I don't think she's your best option.
  7. Hear me out.
  8. She hasn't exactly been intersectional.
  9. And I like my feminism like I like my coffee: sweet enough for everyone.
  10. That's just what I think.
  11. It seems to be too late for Bernie now, who I have loved ever since last fall.
    I'm not doing it for the trend, guys.
  12. Just my opinion, but... Y'all missed out by not getting him.
  13. Canada will take him!!
  14. And of course, you'd be fucked with Trump...
  15. So this is where I sign off, because I have no idea who I'd vote for.
  16. But that's okay, because...
  17. I DON'T HAVE TO!!
  18. ✌🏼️ good luck