What I'm doing/ feeling today.
  1. Fuck yeah there's only
    I made this joke on my personal twitter already lmao
  2. Not really feeling any sad feelings yet. Just kind of an independent, free feeling. Pretty happy.
  3. I don't really have that many close friends IRL, which is fine, but I need more yearbook autographs obviously.
  4. It's last period, my favourite class this semester and probably all of high school. It's the one with the cool teacher who taught me how to make sour cream (MY WORLD LIT TEACHER TAUGHT ME HOW TO MAKE SOUR CREAM)
  5. So now I'm a little nervous and I'm not sure why. I just want this to go well and be as memorable as possible.
    I told my mom I wasn't going to cry but idk I might.
  6. I'm alone in this room right now, so maybe that's why everythings starting to hit me.
  7. Update: I did tear up, only because my teacher was getting emotional 😭
  8. She gave each of us a different book—deliberately chosen, apparently. I got this one.
    Most people got Dickens as well. (I mentioned she's a big fan)
  9. She showed us the theme song from the movie "To Sir With Love", because it summed up how she felt about leaving teaching, and how she hopes that we all feel the same way about our future jobs.
    She's the best.
  10. Static