1. ROSS: His highness is not well. LADY MACBETH: My lord is often thus, and has been from his youth.
    After Macbeth's outburst about the ghost. RUDE
  2. SEYTON: The queen, my lord, is dead. MACBETH: She should have died hereafter: there would have been a time for such a word.
  3. FIRST WITCH: Where hast thou been, sister? SECOND WITCH: Killing swine.
  4. Fly, good Fleance, fly, fly, fly! -Banquo
    Okay, yes, it's out of context.
  5. [to Lady Macbeth] O gentle lady, 'tis not for you to hear what I can speak: the repetition in a woman's ear would murder as it fell. [turns to Banquo] O Banquo, Banquo, our royal master's murdered! -Macduff
  6. THIRD MURDERER: Who did strike out the light? FIRST MURDERER: Was't not the way?
    "Was that not the plan?" idiots
  7. MACBETH: Where got'st thou that goose look? SERVANT: There is ten thousand— MACBETH: Geese, villain? SERVANT: Solidiers, sir.
  8. [Alcohol] makes him stand to, and not stand to... -porter
    Talking to Macduff and Lennox about boners.
  9. The devil damn thee black, thou cream-faced loon! -Macbeth
  10. MURDERER: What, you egg! [Stabs him]