1. My last band practice ever
    Tomorrow. Probably last one ever. I play trumpet, but not that well, so I probably wouldn't get into marching band at uni anyway. Peace ✌🏼️
  2. Prom
    May 26. I'm gonna fucking live this, you can bet your ass. All I'm excited for is taking pics in my dress and hanging out with my friend my date, Heyli.
  3. After prom
    Swiftly after, to the 29th. Idk about you Americans (I mean I assume most of y'all are on here) but afterprom is like a pretty big thing?? Like it's way more stressful than actual fucking prom. Try organizing a camping trip with your friends who are all vastly different. Then and only then will you know stress.
  4. Grad
    June 3. My school is like the only one in the city that does grad like 20 days before exams. Only stressful because I hate when my parents cry.