1. Diving to the bottom of the pool
    My dad's best friend is pretty well off, and he moved away over a year ago. He had this awesome pool, and I loved swimming down to the bottom, even though the pressure hurt my ears. I didn't care. I really really miss it.
  2. Related: going to the above person's house for July 1st (Canada Day)
    We would walk down their street a short ways to this little otherwise useless sidestreet to watch the fireworks from the country club. I really miss that too, it makes me sad.
  3. That time we were driving home from my grandma's farm and we passed through a dust storm
    All I could see out the windows was brown. I was a little scared. We pulled over to the side of the road. My mom reassured me that we'd be safe.
  4. Dirt hill
    Another family friend moved away last year, but they used to live in a condo in a developing area. Anyway, one summer there was this huge mountain of dirt across the street, and me and my best friend climbed it. Not sure why I like this memory so much, but I do. I have pics of this on my computer, by the way.
  5. Winning the Dancing Queen award at a Girl Guides retreat
    I now can't believe I (probably) embarrassed myself like that. Simpler times.
  6. The time I did Perrier water shots and we watched Inception
    It was a get together for the LITs of our church camp, several years ago now. We muted Inception and added our own dialogue. Leo and another guy were gay, that's pretty much all I remember. I don't know why we decided to do that with Perrier water, but it's gross.
  7. I'll probably add more, even if no one reads this again, but for my own amusement 😊