1. So you've most likely heard about the Orlando shooting by now.
  2. You know, the one where 50 people died at a gay club.
  3. Now as a Canadian, this gun culture is very confusing and very foreign to me, even though we're supposed to be "America's top hat".
    By the way, never say that to a Canadian, we'll probably take offence. I know I do.
  4. There have only been 8 shootings in my country in my lifetime, only one of which is very prominent in my memory.
    (The École Polytechnique shooting, which we honour every year. You may have heard of it, since it was an act of anti-feminist terrorism—14 women died.)
  5. Certainly none of them have been targeted towards gay people.
    We legalized same sex marriage in 2005. Homophobia isn't AS deadly here. Certainly not a huge risk of getting, y'know, shot.
  6. I don't know if you know this about Canada, but we have gun laws.
    "Anyone wishing to buy a gun in Canada and/or ammunition must have a valid licence under the Firearms Act." (Wikipedia)
  7. Doesn't seem THAT radical to me. Seems more like common sense.
  8. So I don't know about you, but it's pretty obvious to me what the problem is here.
  9. But in case you don't get it, here are some tweets in light of the shooting.
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  15. And finally, my inspiration/ point...
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  17. Americans, here's how you can demand change from your state reps:
  18. Stay safe.
  19. #LoveWins