1. Is this a joke?
  2. Did you put that percentage on Rotten Tomatoes?
  3. Why is there a crack in their faces?
  4. Do they all have eczema? Why so dry puppets?
  5. Have you met a woman?
  6. Why puppets? No risks taken. So why puppets. It's another Hollywood movie with puppets?
  7. Why British?
  8. Have you had a job?
  9. Ya sad?
  10. You beta or what?
  11. Did you think we really needed another "sad white dude freaks out that he's middle aged and mediocre" movie?
  12. Will you produce my movie about ladies in late middle age called Tender Dusty Buttons when the time comes?
  13. Cyndi Lauper in Italian? Ya sure?
  14. Love the hotel decorations on point.