1. Having my kid home.
    And having every part of my house lived in again.
  2. The breakfast my kid cooked for us.
    Eggs with spinach and chard (for me). Sausage and bacon. Grits. Biscuits. Fruit.
  3. The fish being fried at my Sissy's.
    I will roll out of bed and go grab a plate. And get my life. Nothing like fish right out of the grease.
  4. My bed.
    I've had a mad headache on the left side of my head since I woke up. Nothing is helping. Meds. Food. Nothing. So sunnies and football and bed it is.
  5. That I don't have to do anything NPF related.
    Except buy mega passes. Which I did last month. Courtesy of the place that pays me. I'm sooooooooo grateful for this.