1. MS. ANN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Listen! Ms. Ann is my trusted nail tech who decided to visit her homeland, Vietnam. She said she would be gone ONE month. I didn't like it but I wanted her to see her family. But then she got there and started baldheaded ass games. She kept delaying her return. And I wasn't happy because no ONE does my nails like her. How could she just leave me and my nails. Oh, and her husband and son LOL like that. I called this morning at 10:36 to see if she was back. By 11:04 I was in her chair.
  2. Seeing the fruits of my labor raising D.
    You have to trust that you've put good stuff in them and that good stuff will come out when it needs to.
  3. Constantly evaluating my relationships.
    It really allows me to see if those relationships are serving me and if they're reciprocal. I only want to invest people who I know will feed me as much goodness as I do them. Where balance and reciprocity doesn't exist in any relationship, neither do I.