1. Nuzzle
    Sometimes I just want to read the news. But I don't want to peruse my Twitter or FB to get news stories. This app pulls stories from all my social media and puts in one place.
  2. Listing.
    If my phone is is my hand, I'm either reading an article or working on, creating, or editing a list.
  3. Guidebook app.
    I love this app. The worst thing about conferencing is trying to map out breakout sessions and time management. This app allows conferences to put up the entire schedule. Then you can create your schedule with reminders. And. You can also create to-do lists in the app. This really makes it easy to map out a plan. Before you get to the conference.
  4. Brunch y mimosas y macaroons.
    No struggle palate or plate over here.
  5. Edges that still lay like burdens at Jesus's feet effortlessly. And hair that still grows like weeds. Ashe.
  6. Walks in the park.