1. That despite it being cold as hell this morning, it warmed up into a nice day.
    I am not built for cold. At all.
  2. That I-65 let me be great this morning and afternoon.
    No real traffic jams.
  3. Professional development.
    That I am always trying to learn. Always a student. Even when I'm the teacher.
  4. Lunch dates with my honey.
    We don't get to do that often. Definitely the highlight of my day.
  5. Lobster bisque, ricotta-filled pasta, crispy pancetta, and Italian cream cake.
  6. The conference swag bag.
    For once a really nice bag that I won't trash. And nice stuff inside it too. Besides all that damn chocolate.
  7. Funky Dineva reading Auntie Petty Labelle.
  8. Blankets and deep couch sitting as I type this.