1. RMFTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. My Booski!!
    Listen. My rider always comes through. Her: Are you okay? Me: I am. Her: Then I'm okay. She's fucking amazing.
  3. Getting to see my brother from another mother.
    He called tonight. Said he was in town. We met up. Caught up. It was really good to chop it up with him.
  4. Always finding a bottle of something in my purse after hanging out with Jolly & Limah.
  5. D found a ride back to school that doesn't involve me.
    Now I get to not drive Monday. Yaaaaaay!
  6. That my happiness is not predicated on anything or anyone else.
    Things and people come and go. My happiness is my state of being. Doesn't matter what comes or goes. Nothing can disrupt that.