I have been recording what I watch for Nielsen for almost a week. The diary only allows times and dates. No explanations allowed. But they need to know why I chose these things before judging. This is what I would say if there was space to explain my choices.
  1. Muse concert.
    I swear I watch this love concert every day. Every single day. It gives me everything I need to get my day going.
  2. The Five Heartbeats.
    This requires no explanation. Always here for Eddie Kane. And Big Red's ain't shit ass.
  3. True Life: Hip Hop Hustlers.
    Listen. Halfway through I deeply regretted this decision.
  4. E! News.
    Sometimes I want something vapid to watch so my brain can decompress.
  5. All in with Chris Hayes.
    This is watched by me everyday. Because it just is. It's how I unwind and learn what the fuck is happening out in this motherfucker. Today: WAY. TOO. MUCH. SHIT.
  6. Grease.
    1. Because this is on my list of movies I will watch every time it comes on tv. 2. Watching the news was too much. I needed a pick-me-up.
  7. blackish.
    hands down one of my favorite shows. Series record. I can relate to the show and its characters so well. And it's funny.
  8. The Rachel Maddow Show.
    I don't always watch the entire show but I am always here for her opening segment. She is one of the most intellectual and brilliant journalists. Plus she's so funny. Her opening segments are the stuff legends are made of. She always connects the now with the past. Brilliant.
  9. Unsung: Nate Dogg.
    I love Unsung. Anything documentary I love. But especially because it's the OG Nate. "I can't deny it, I'm a fucking rider. You don't want to fuck with me." Because those lyrics are always fitting for anything. 😂
  10. Martin.
    Listen. This is self explanatory. But since you don't know me for real, Nielsen, it's always a good time for me to watch Martin. No matter where I am. When I get in bed, this is the last thing I want to see. Because funny as hell