1. It just doesn't feel right.
  2. Her body is telling her not to do it.
    Every time she starts she gets warm and sleepy and that means don't do it.
  3. She really should be practicing violin first and her violin teacher would agree that's more important.
  4. She doesn't want to get her clothes dirty.
  5. She doesn't know if she can do a good enough job tonight given that her body is preventing her from doing this properly.
  6. (Now she starts getting angry that none of this is working)
  7. Her chores are too hard, she's just a little kid!!
  8. Her chores are not interesting and she's easily distracted!!
  9. "Do you know what's it's like to have to do something you don't wanna do?!? And you have no choice?!?"
    You mean like dealing with this crap?
  10. She won't be happy ever again if I make her do it.