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  1. christmas lights
    on *every* window
  2. flannel sheets
  3. electric blankets
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a peek at the story i wrote by calling my mom every day. the full story is up on @Food52 👉🏾 http://food52.com/blog/17101-12-filipino-desserts-you-need-to-know-about-try
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    tropical ice cream
    ube! mango! cheese!
  3. 3.
    ube halaya
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  1. justin timberlake
  2. justin trudeau
    god bless canada
  3. jonathan taylor thomas
    shout out to my childhood crush. according to MASH we should be living in our shack any day now.
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a girl and 100,000 used books in wigtown, scotland
  1. first things first, kindles not welcome
  2. it's basically hogwarts imho
  3. only *i* would bring my own stack of used books to scotland's largest secondhand bookshop
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they said white rice is "bad for you" or whatever but it also
  1. costs less
  2. cooks faster
  3. tastes better
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what happens when you want to travel a lot and have no money (but a lot of really great friends)
  1. my own bed
  2. 15 guest beds
  3. 9 couches
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  1. Read as much as I can
  2. Buy used instead of new
  3. Find my natural lip line
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  1. The Art of Avoiding Your Problems
  2. Stay Home, It's Easier
  3. Just *One* More Episode
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(that used to really care about)
  1. brunch
  2. grades
  3. downtown abbey
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  1. "I'm too depressed to eat. I'll probably eat in like.. five minutes"
  2. "PIZZA. We like pizza!"
  3. "I'm curvy and I like it"
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