My Favorite Photos From Living in the Bookshop, Scotland

a girl and 100,000 used books in wigtown, scotland
  1. first things first, kindles not welcome
  2. it's basically hogwarts imho
  3. only *i* would bring my own stack of used books to scotland's largest secondhand bookshop
  4. books by color? be still my heart
  5. don't mind if i do
  6. morning light
  7. a little break in my room
  8. the 19th century diary of miss elizabeth aveling, filled with drawings and copies of poems
  9. my first attempt at the shop sign
  10. the cutest reading nook there ever was
  11. captain helping with packaging for the random book club
  12. my favorite part of the shop: the penguins
  13. a slow day in the shop