Part 1, probably
  1. When people say "congrats" instead of congratulations
    You're not saving any time
  2. Walking into a bathroom and finding the lid up
    I feel like the toilet in waiting to swallow me whole.
  3. When girls/women wear racer back shirts with a regular bra.
    This isn't that hard! They make bras to accommodate every possible scenario.
  4. Uptalk
    Spoken or written
  5. Fake maple syrup
  6. When people write "Yas" or "Yassss"
    Public service announcement: "yes" is spelled with one e and one s.
  7. Use of the term "tweet storm"
  8. The fact the the weather forecast is now referred to as a "future cast."
    Also stupid. Calm down, meteorologist; you can't actually see the future.
  9. Use of emojis in place of actual words.
    Have we seriously reverted to hieroglyphics? *Side note....I only use them ironically 🙊