1. Go to a liberal arts college.
    A good one. But not too good.
  2. Major in something terribly interesting.
    But perhaps something people who ask make a face about when you tell them.
  3. When you graduate never work in that field.
    Maybe work on the periphery, but never really go for it because your admin temp job is making you feel secure paying the bills.
  4. Have a messy heart wrenching break up with your college beau a year after graduating.
    "Date around."
  5. Stay 2 years too long in your first job out of college.
    You know, cuz it pays the bills.
  6. Apply to graduate school.
    Preferably in the humanities. Get in. But definitely do not go.
  7. Date intermittently.
    Fake fall in love. Fall in love for real. Always break up before the end of year two.
  8. Take a creative writing class or two at an evening continuing education program.
    Tell everyone you want to be a writer.
  9. Quit your job impulsively.
    Have no back up.
  10. Get a new job that has nothing to do with what you did in undergrad.
    The more utilitarian or pragmatic the better.
  11. Think about graduate school again.
    But this time an MBA, law school, or teaching.
  12. Make it to 30.
    Realize every moment of fear and uncertainty was mostly vapid hot air and that you survived and are happy.