The "Why's" I think trying to wake up in the morning

Waking up early when you don't have to is overrated.
  1. Why did I purchase the alarm clock that simulates daylight?! WHY?!
  2. WHY is SO a morning person?!!!????
    Waking up at 7am on a weekend isn't natural.
  3. Why did I stay up until 2am reading Reddit's funniest D&D stories?! I don't even play D&D!
  4. Why did I have a dream about going to the bathroom? My brain can't dream about something...y'know more exciting?
    Flying please!
  5. Why did the dog jump right on my stomach? Your dog form of love is too painful for 8am!
  6. Why doesn't the sun have a dimmer?
  7. Why did I decide to be a responsible human being with my life?
    Sleeping all day sounds way better.
  8. WHYYY?...just generally