I only smoke cigars on occasion because they're tasty but I don't get around to it much. But friends' weddings, births, and graduations definitely warrant one!
  1. So I remember I'm supposed to use matches not some cheap Bic lighter. Man, I'm going to nail this!
  2. Oh no are matches supposed to burn out this fast?!
  3. Ok I know I have to pre burn it... Ugh ok I'll Google this so I don't mess up.
  4. Oh RIGHT that's called toasting! Filing away for next year's cigar!
  5. I thiiiink it's toasted?
  6. Ok I think it's lit! Oh, nope it's only burning on one side oh god!
  7. Ugh that can't be enough smoke can it?
  8. Oh god oh god oh god headrush! I guess my quarterly hookah usage didn't prepare me for this amount of tobacco!
  9. Mmm...toasty! Just right.
  10. Ahh ash everywhere! Do I even own an ash tray?! Well wherever that landed is officially my new ash tray.
  11. Mmm I feel so fancy. If only I liked scotch. Homemade plum cocktail it is!
  12. What do people think about when smoking these things? Must channel Winston Churchill!
  13. Meh, Netflix instead. Netflix and puff!