Michael is my brother, he passed away a couple of years ago. Suddenly, unexpectedly, and we'll never know exactly "how". I miss him, tomorrow would have been his 48th birthday.
  1. He never met a stranger.
    Literally, he would talk to anyone, and always as if they were friends. He was never fazed by anyone, or felt self-conscious. His funeral was standing-room only because he had so many friends.
  2. He was a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan
    And very vocal about it. Since he was a young boy this was his team. He got an ear pierced to be like Emmitt. He owned enough sweatshirts that we could each have one after he passed. Because of this, his oldest son started watching football, and paying attention so he could feel closer to his Dad after his Dad was gone.
  3. He loved his family.
    When he had kids, he was so happy. Mike was very family oriented, and loved family get-togethers. He loved his extended family, and after he passed we discovered that he regularly reached out and visited with family members that the rest of us rarely did.
  4. He loved to eat
    And cook. He was always ready to engage in a discussion about food, and what he thought was good. He wasn't what we'd call a "foodie", his tastes ran much simpler than that. What he made, he was happy to share. If I was cooking, and invited him, he was always there.
  5. He kept his childhood friends through his life
    They were a tight pack of friends as kids - and ended up with very diverse paths as adults. One became a writer, and a favorite article he wrote told of how all of them were still friends, and for life. He tells it better.