I screenshot a lot of things and never delete them because they are funny or they're directions to a restaurant I want to try.
  1. Results of a Blair or Serena Buzzfeed quiz.
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    I'm Blair.
  2. A text I sent my friends to remind them about the time I tried out for American Idol.
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    I sang Red by Taylor Swift.
  3. A blurb from the Skimm about Montenegro.
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    Because I went there this summer and I love it. I also love the Skimm (do y'all have The List App yet?)
  4. My bio from my internship website.
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    Kept just in case I ever need to prove to anyone that I have a bio online?
  5. Quote from The Honest Co.'s Insta
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    I like this quote. Also, my hands are generally very full. Usually with snacks.
  6. I thought this was so funny.
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  7. Texts from my doctor @kristenarnold friend about the functionality of ankle bones.
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    She guaranteed me that she's working toward a cure.
  8. A snapchat from my brother and his goat.
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    The goat's name is Willy.
  9. Dream wedding.
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  10. My cousins without me on Thanksgiving.
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    My Granny doesn't look super sad about it though :(
  11. My two fave basketball players of time.
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    Who can we thank for this picture?
  12. Explaining Bitmojis to my mom.
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    She said she thought it was a good hobby for me.
  13. Quotes are my love language.
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