I screenshot a lot of things and never delete them because they are funny or they're directions to a restaurant I want to try.
  1. Results of a Blair or Serena Buzzfeed quiz.
    I'm Blair.
  2. A text I sent my friends to remind them about the time I tried out for American Idol.
    I sang Red by Taylor Swift.
  3. A blurb from the Skimm about Montenegro.
    Because I went there this summer and I love it. I also love the Skimm (do y'all have The List App yet?)
  4. My bio from my internship website.
    Kept just in case I ever need to prove to anyone that I have a bio online?
  5. Quote from The Honest Co.'s Insta
    I like this quote. Also, my hands are generally very full. Usually with snacks.
  6. I thought this was so funny.
  7. Texts from my doctor @kristenarnold friend about the functionality of ankle bones.
    She guaranteed me that she's working toward a cure.
  8. A snapchat from my brother and his goat.
    The goat's name is Willy.
  9. Dream wedding.
  10. My cousins without me on Thanksgiving.
    My Granny doesn't look super sad about it though :(
  11. My two fave basketball players of time.
    Who can we thank for this picture?
  12. Explaining Bitmojis to my mom.
    She said she thought it was a good hobby for me.
  13. Quotes are my love language.