Not ranked in order because they're all epic in their own way
  1. Spike/Buffy
    Damn like damn, first the entire episode leading up to the kiss (Once more with Feeling) is perfect and then these two just GO FOR IT in such a searing, heated, passionate, intensely chemistry filled kiss/snog. I say snog because come on, they practically eat each other's face off but in a totally hot way.
  2. Nick/Jess
    Ugh, I remember when these two were my everything and I still have hope for them being endgame because you just can not ignore the type of chemistry these two have. I can't remember how many times I watched those last few minutes of "Cooler" but it's one of the best to kisses to exist ever, fight me on this. The way he grabs her and swings her round, the way she just goes for it as well without hesitation, the fact that there's no music??? AMAZING
  3. Jim/Pam
    Oh man, where do I start with these two and their perfection??? One of the best written couples on TV for me. That confession from him and the solitary tear and then her on the phone to her mum "Yeah I think I am" and him just silently walking up to her and kissing her because he KNOWS it's not one sided. All their kisses are perfect but that's the one that set everything in motion.
  4. Ross/Rachel
    Probably one of the most anticipated kisses and that slow lead up to it with them staring at each other as she unlocks the door and the rain and the soaring music, perfect.
  5. Mindy/Danny
    Oh man, can these two do any wrong? One of the best and most realistic couples on TV which does not mean they're boring, on the contrary, their chemistry is insane and of course that airplane kiss/ass grab was the kind of stuff Mindy dreams about
  6. Logan/Veronica
    I still haven't finished this show but man these two are up there in OTP levels. That kiss outside that motel room. The fact that she instigates it with a quick peck and he then just goes in for a proper kiss with that zoom in from above ugh my heart.
  7. Special weird mention to Fitzsimmons who haven't kissed yet but I know that when they do, it will deffo be on the list for me. I'm already dead from everything about them so yeah, preparing to die.
  8. I feel I'm missing something out but there's lots of other amazing kisses but these ones are just a bit above and beyond? Special mention to: Mondler, Jane/Rafael, Ben/Leslie, Andy/April