Tina Fey couldn't name Latino actors in a Billy on the street segment, so here are just a few.
  1. Gina Rodriguez
    Puerto-Rican American actress that Tina refers to as "that girl from Jane the Virgin", is way more than that. Rodriguez is also Co-Founder of Naja Lingerie. Oh and by the way she got a goldein globe for her work on Jane. Named one of Time's 100 most influential people of 2016 in the pioneers section
  2. America Ferrera
    Of Honduran decent 5 American Blockbuster and the title character in a long running ABC series.... Also she has a golden globe, a SAG award, and a prime time Emmy
  3. Diane Guerrero
    This Colombian-American actress not only is a fan fave on OITNB she also has her own Old Navy feature ad, in Spanish! Her parents were deported when she was 14 and Lil D worked her way to her dreams and is also a White House ambassador for citizenship and naturalization
  4. Selena Gomez
    Mexican American actress, singer, America's sweetheart, youngest Unicef ambassador, #1 most followed person on Instagram, ring a bell Tina?
  5. Oscar Isaac
    This Guatemala born actor and musician blew us away in movies like "Inside Llewyn Davis" and oh yeah Star Wars.
  6. Sofia Vergara
    Tina c'mon can you only remember this Colombian actress (comedian, producer, television host, model and businesswoman) when you're mocking her accent? Let's not forget she's one of TVs most influential women
  7. Freddie Prinze Jr.
    This Puerto-Rican American actor is not only Freddie Prinze's son, but the 90's heartthrob of our dreams
  8. Eva Longoria
    This Mexican-American actress, business woman, and activist not only stared in 3 prime time series, but one of her charities the Eva Longoria Foundation aims to close the education gap plaguing Latinas.
  9. Dascha Polanco
    This Dominican American actress, best known for her role on OITNB, is also the only Latina featured in the NFL women's apparel line.
  10. Eva Mendes
    How could you forget this Cuban American actress, model, singer and designer! Not only is she one of the most beautiful people on earth
  11. Cameron Días
    Cameron's Cuban roots are often erased by Hollywood where she's gotten 4 golden globes and oh yeah as of 2015 she's the highest-grossing US domestic box office actress.
  12. Wilmer Valderrama
    He stole our hearts in That 70s Show but this actor of Colombian and Venezuelan decent has managed to stay in the spotlight and is staring in "From Dusk til Dawn" and "The Minority Report."
  13. Adam Rodriguez
    This heartbreaker with Cuban and Puerto-Rican roots not only wood us on CSI but rocked the entire US in the Magic Mike franchises
  14. Jackie Cruz
    This Dominican-American actress stars on OITNB, ya know that very popular Netflix series
  15. Mario Lopez
    This actor and TV host of Mexican decent first stole our hearts in Saved by the Bell.
  16. Jennifer Lopez
    JLo, Jenny from the Block, hey Tina at least you remembered this iconic and talented puerto-rican entertainer.
  17. Kate Del Castillo
    This Mexican born actress has not only stared in many American series but also feature films. But you're white Tina so you may know her as the badass who took Sean Penn to El Chapo
  18. Karla Souza
    This Mexican actress not only has success in her home country but is currently on ABCs HTGAWM breaking hearts and breaking stereotypes. She even has her own Tedx talk!
  19. Andrea Navedo
    This Puerto-Rican American lady got her start on daytime soaps, had a reoccurring role on Law and Order and is KILLING it on Jane the Virgin!
  20. Jaime Camil
    This Mexican star is currently making his American debut in Jane the Virgin
  21. Alexa Vega
    This Colombian American actress and singer stared in Spy kids and was a title character in her own ABC family show
  22. Carlos Peña
    This actor & singer of Dominican and Venezuelan decent was a teen sensation with Big Time Rush
  23. Michael Peña
    This Mexican American actor and musician. He has starred in many films, such as Crash, World Trade Center, Shooter, Observe and Report, Tower Heist, End of Watch, Gangster Squad, American Hustle, Fury, Ant-Man and The Martian
  24. Gael Garcia Bernal
    This outstanding Mexican actor who stared in the motorcycle diaries and JUST won a golden globe as a main character on the Amazon series Mozart in the Jungle
  25. Michelle Rodriguez
    This Texan of Dominican and Puerto-Rican decent was once described by EW as "arguably the most iconic actress in the action genre"
  26. George Lopez
    I mean Tina I'm sure you know who this Mexican American comedian, actor and talk show host is!
  27. Salma Hayek
    This Mexican actress, producer and model of Lebanese decent was once nominated for an Oscar and as won many American awards. Tina she was even on 30 Rock, your show!
  28. John Leguizamo
    a Colombian-Puerto Rican–American actor, voice actor, producer, comedian, playwright- oh my! He's stared in many blockbusters
  29. Demi Lovato
    Actress, Singer, tv judge. This Mexican American was once a Disney star is now always on the radio
  30. Bella Thorne
    A Disney sweetheart, actress, model, and singer of Cuban decent is a big name in young hollywood and a proud Latina
  31. Diego Luna
    This Mexican actor has been in many American movies and even voiced one of the main characters in "The Book of Life"
  32. Zoe Saldaña
    With Dominican and Puerto-Rican parents this Latina has stared in MAJOR movies!
  33. William Levy
    Sure this Cuban immigrant is a major heartthrob in many novelas but he was also on DWTS
  34. Jessica Alba
    This actress of Mexican decent hasn't just stared in movies, she's also a MAJOR business woman and co-founder of the Honest co.
  35. Rodrigo Santoro
    This Brazilian actor has stared in many successful movies and was even on Lost. Not to mention his huge success in Brazil as well. He's is one of very few Brazilians to make it in Hollywood
  36. Jordana Brewster
    This Panamanian actress with a Brazilian mother started in soap operas and stared in the Dallas reboot and in the Fast & Furious franchise.
  37. Rosario Dawson
    This actress of Puerto Rican and Dominican decent broke out in her role in Kids, she currently stats on Netflix's Jessica Jones
  38. Sara Ramirez
    This Mexican born singer and actress joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy as Callie Torres after Broadway success
  39. Naya Rivera
    This actress and singer of Puerto-Rican decent is best known for her role in Glee
  40. Victoria Justice
    This actress and singer of Puerto-Rican decent first found the spotlight as a star on Nickelodeon's Victorious.
  41. Raquel Welch
    This actress and singer of Bolivian decent is one of the first and few actresses who portrayed age make leading role in a Western
  42. Diego Boneta
    This Mexican actor and singer first stole our hearts as Rocco on Rebelde, he's stated in several American series and movies. Diego now has a role in Fox's Scream Queens
  43. Laz Alonso
    This actor of Cuban decent currently stars on The Mysteries of Laura
  44. Camilla belle
    This Brazilian-American actress and model stared in one of my fave Disney channel movies, Rip Girls. She also rocked it in Push. Fun fact Taylor swift wrote a song about her... Allegedly
  45. Gina Torres
    This actress of Cuban decent has made a career of playing strong women
  46. Christina Milian
    This Cuban American singer, actress, and reality star currently stars on Fox's Grandfathered
  47. Judy Reyes
    This Dominican American actress who we all know from Scrubs now stars in Devious maids
  48. Adrienne Bailon
    This singer and actress of Dominican and Puerto-Rican decent first made it on The Cheetah Girls series and is currently a host on The Real
  49. Danny Trejo
    Hey Tina you got this one! Mexican American actor with more than 300 acting credits
  50. Rita Moreno
    A Puerto Rican actress and singer. She is one of twelve to have won an EGOT (all four major American awards) and was the second Puerto Rican to win an Oscar
  51. Andy García
    This Cuban born actor with an outstanding film career, he was even nominated for an Oscar for his role in The Godfather part III
  52. Daniella Alonso
    This actress and fashion model of Puerto-Rican and Peruvian decent known for her roles on the NBC shows Revolution and Friday Night Lights
  53. Fred Armisen
    Oh look you guys are friends, and his mom is Venezuelan. Fred Armisen is an actor, singer, and comedian.
  54. Edward James Olmos
    Best know for his roles in battlestar galactica and Miami Vice. Proud of his Mexican roots Olmos has been a longtime pioneer for more diversified roles.
  55. Cristela Alonzo
    This Texan of Mexican decent tarred in the ABC sitcom Cristela. She is the first Latina to create, produce, write, and star in her own US network show.
  56. Oscar Nunez
    This Cuban-American actor is best known for his role on The Office
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  57. Ricardo Montalbán
    The Mexican-born actor was best known for his starring role as Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island as well as his role as Khan on Star Trek and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. He and six others created the Nosotros Foundation to advocate for Latinos in the movie and TV industries.
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  58. Rosie Perez Puerto Rican descent
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  59. Melissa Fumero, also on Brooklyn 99, is of Cuban descent.
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  60. Stephanie Beatriz
    Born in Argentina, stars in Brooklyn 99 only *ahem* THE BEST SHOW
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  61. Aubrey Plaza
    Comedic actress of Puerto-Rican decent, stared in several features and in Tina Fey's BFFs (Amy Poehler) show Parks and Recreation
  62. Pedro Pascal
    Chilean-born actor who stars in Narcos and also was in Game of Thrones
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  63. Wagner Moura
    Brazilian actor that reached huge acclaim in Brazil and now stars as Pablo Escobar on Netflix's Narcos and was nominated for a golden globe
  64. Desi Arnaz
    DO NOT CARE THAT HE IS NOT CONTEMPORARY BECAUSE HEEEE REVOLUTIONIZED THE TV COMEDY. Comedic and business genius behind I Love Lucy. One half of the first interracial leading couple on TV.
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  65. Luis Guzman
    A Puerto Rican born actor that has stated in many American movies and been a regular on several tv series. Watch him now on CBS' Code Black. Suggested by @murex