But I don't really agree
  1. This is me
    It's a bad picture but it's the clearest head on shot I have
  2. Selena Gomez
    Um ok? I get this a lot but I just don't see it
  3. America Ferrera
    I was 14 at the time and had braces
  4. Gina Rodriguez
    I wish but ummmm is it just cause we are Latina?
  5. Kim kardashian
    I've gotten this multiple times!?!?!??????!?!? I think it's just because I'm good at makeup???!?!?!
  6. Again this is what I look like
  7. Eileen Kelly
    @killerandasweetthang on insta. Maybe it's the baby face thing?
  8. My little cousin
    We look nothing a like
  9. Ilana Glazer
  10. Miroslava Duma
    Russian baby faced socialite turned fashion icon. Her friend told me I looked like her.... I don't see it
  11. Again this is me
    As I write this peeing
  12. Tatiana Maslany