I fly places a lot. Not like George Clooney in "Up in the Air" but a lot for a normal person and definitely a lot for a grad student. As a result of flying a lot, I hate all airlines. Here's the ones I know, ranked from least awful to most awful.
  1. JetBlue
    TV in every seat, lots of snacks
  2. Southwest
    Like JetBlue but harder to compare their prices to other airlines
  3. Turkish Airlines
    A lot of wine and free socks
  4. Qatar Airlines
    Cool stewardess uniforms
  5. Emirates
    Free stuff, bad food
  6. Delta
    Not the worst
  7. United
    They fly pretty much anywhere
  8. American
    I guess I'll do it for the miles
  9. Iberia
    Please, no
  10. Air France
    Please, no
  11. Spirit
    I'd rather walk barefoot to my destination