Because I don't really ever want to see him again
  1. Moisturizer
  2. Underwear
  3. Raisinets
  4. Special K cereal (because, see above)
  5. Fitness wear (tights, bra, top)
  6. Gray leggings (awesome pair)
  7. Navy blue dress
  8. White and grey stripped button-down shirt
  9. Stripped dress?
    Not sure where this is
  10. Brown high-heeled sandals
  11. Beige high-heeled sandals
  12. Flip flops
  13. Black coat
    The amazing one that's good enough for Boston winters
  14. Inflatable mattress
    Already replaced it
  15. Socks
    Not sure, but I'm guessing chances are high
  16. DVD of "Cool Runnings"
    Already replaced it. Not playing games with that.
  17. A curse
    (Just kidding)