What makes a song "Dawson's genre," you may ask? It is both: (1) a song you could imagine two people kissing two for the first time AND (2) a song you could imagine them breaking up to. Imagine felicity walking through the rain in New York...the kind of music that would accompany that moment is "Dawson's genre." SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!
  1. Poison and wine (the civil wars)
  2. On your way (eastmountainsouth)
  3. Raining in Baltimore (counting crows)
  4. Have a little faith in me (John hiatt)
  5. Evaporated (Ben folds five)
  6. Hang (matchbox 20)
  7. Landslide (Robyn Sherwell)
  8. Rush (Liz longley)
  9. Find the light (David Ramirez)
  10. Irrelevant (Lauren aquilina)
  11. Doesn't Mean Goodbye (jon McLaughlin)