When we feel like we can't be used by God, He answers us. Austin Stone. Oct 18. Halim Suh. Exodus 3&4.
  1. He uses the ordinary to do extraordinary
    The sign of the staff: this stick will be used to demonstrate the power of God. no matter how ordinary we feel, you can use us in extraordinary ways.
  2. He makes the strong weak and the weak strong
    The sign of the leprous hand: No matter how healthy something looks, He can make it weak. No matter how weak and broken it looks, He can make it whole. We cannot put our hope in what we perceive as weak and strong.
  3. He answers us with patience
    The sign of the Nile. God engages in this convo with Moses. he doesn't need to offer a sign, let alone two, let alone three. But He does. He knows our frame, our fears - and has compassion on us.