Every year I wish I'd kept track of things for that year. thanks to @list - 2016 will finally be the year that dream comes true!
  1. Books I read
    All of them. And I'll write descriptions and reviews too. As I go. So that come December when people are like 'I read 30 books!' I can point them to my list and be like- yeah. That's right.
  2. Places I visited
    I know it doesn't seem like it would be that hard to remember where you've traveled but it hasn't worked out for me. So, 2016, I'll keep a running list.
  3. Monthly music faves
    I'm gonna aim to keep monthly lists of my fave songs that month.
  4. Food
    Obviously I'm not going to keep track of all the food I eat, but maybe I'll keep a list of my fave new places in Austin for 2016.
  5. Movies
    We get to the end of the year and everyone makes their movie lists but they're usually all movies that came out in the last two months. So, 2016 I'll keep a running list of movies I love. Giving January movies their shot...
  6. Gratitude list
    Suggested by @clarify